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Citec Norway

Citec Norway's offices are located in Asker (outside Oslo) and Sandefjord. Citec Norway employs about 20 persons. Nils-Erik Hannisdal is Managing Director for Citec Norway.

After M7 Offshore became part of the Citec Group in 2013, we are now part of an engineering group with more power. Worldwide, we have 360 engineers who specialize in the Oil & Gas segment, making Citec a preferred global partner in the industry.

We have process systems as core knowledge, but unlike some “process houses” we believe in strong participation from other disciplines as automation, mechanical and multidiscipline layout. Also within Weight & Cost estimation we have recently became a solid player. Citec has developed the market leading weight & cost estimation application Ciesta. We aim to be the preferred partner within any conceptual work (feasibility, FEED). However, we also believe that experience from detail engineering, fabrication and completion activities is a vital part of truly understanding what is taken to deliver a quality product and to be a reliable partner for our clients.

Citec is also a strong contractor within other energy, process and manufacturing segments, and we expect a growth in these segments also in Norway.

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Citec Norway, Asker


Citec Norway specializes in the Oil & Gas Industry (incl. LNG), providing Offshore- and Onshore Engineering Solutions and Project Management services to the industry. We focus on process plants (Topsides), modules and skids. We work in the complete value chain- from feasibility studies and FEED’s to Detail Engineering, Fabrication management and coordination.

Consequently our key customers are Oil companies, Ship owners (FPSO’s, FSRU’s, FLNG), Contractors and equipment suppliers.

Citec Norway works in close co-operation with Citec in Singapore, Finland, Sweden and India as well as the other Citec countries.


Citec Norway, Sandefjord office

Citec Norway, Sandefjord


Product Range

• Process separation – oil & gas & produced water
• LNG/FSRU/FLNG processes
• Flare
• Water Injection
• Gas Compression & Gas Dehydration (TEG)
• Chemical Injection Solutions
• Heat transfer, Heating/Cooling Medium
• Fuel gas, Drain, Pigging
• Power
• Integration/ pipe rack
• Marine systems (for FPSO’s)
• Flow Assurance


 Citec Norway team 10th anniversary

Citec Norway celebrated its 10-year anniversary in August 2016


Footprints from our past projects can be seen all over the globe, the geographical locations for these products’ end destinations range from the North Sea, West Africa, Australia, Gulf of Mexico, India, SE Asia to Brazil. By delivering more than 20 FPSO’s, nine FSRU’s, six FLNG studies, several studies for oil companies and with a background from the major North Sea developments - we have gained special expertise and valuable experience.

Our range of experiences is within Process Engineering (PFD, P&ID, and simulations), Automation (SCD), Instrumentation, Mechanical, Layout (GA, Isometrics), Project Management and Documentation Control. It is through this experience that we have established our own project management tools and procedures for project control, planning, interface and engineering control. We contribute with all the needed engineering deliveries for construction, and we know all major international standards used within the business.


Citec Norway can perform high quality engineering tasks within all phases of the project’s development, such as Feasibility and Concept Studies, as well as FEED’s, Detail Engineering, Fabrication follow-up and Commissioning. As part of the Citec Group we operate on the principle local presence - global resourcing, and cooperate with other Citec countries whenever this is effective from cost or project execution point of view.

We take great pride in being effective and reliable, which is reflected through Citec Norway’s historically solid track record with respect to project execution.

We hold the highest creditworthiness attainable (AAA in D&B). Our key principle is a fast track attitude which results in a high quality - on time.

Project references


Citec Oil

Citec Oil and Gas References





Citec Norway Solutions

Citec Norway Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

Citec Norway AS (former M7 Offshore AS) is part of the Citec Group and specializes in Engineering & Management services within the Oil & Gas Industry, including LNG.



Process Simulations and Design Assistance for Ivar Aasen Platform

Process Simulations and Design Assistance for Ivar Aasen Platform

The project was for providing simulations of agreed process solutions and specifications, based on tie-in requirements of existing fields or pipelines, or development of a separate offshore platform or FPSO.


 Study Work, Concepts and FEEDs

Study Work, Concepts and FEEDs

The project was for providing various Multidiscipline Design tasks including all
phases of projects.



Cooling water skid
The project was for providing multi-discipline engineering design using 3D tools.

FPSO Topside Conversion Project
The project was for providing Project Management, multi-discipline engineering, technical procurement services, document control and Fabrication management (i.e. EPCM).



Gas Compressor Module Design Concept for the Filanovski Offshore Field

Gas Compressor Module Design Concept for the Filanovski Offshore Field

The project was to design of the Centrifugal Compression Module of approx. 1300
tonnes dry weight.



Utility mod


The project was to set up a team of experts to handle the multi-discipline concept, engineering management and Process & Instrumentation engineering.



The project was to establish and execute a Module Integration Team (MIT).


FPSO Cascade

Cascade and Chinook

The project was to provide management and engineering within customer’s cost, schedule and quality expectations.



Tailor-made FSRUs

Tailor-made FSRUs for Hamworthy/Wärtsilä

The project was to provide the needed competence and resources.





Nils-Erik Hannisdal
Managing Director, Citec Norway AS
Email: nils-erik.hannisdal(at)
Phone: +47 91 78 95 96

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Merete Munthe-Kaas
Manager, HR, Admin. & Accounting, Citec Norway AS
Email: merete.munthe-kaas(at)
Phone: +4795174318

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