With experience of more than 20 years, we are experts in understanding the processes related to product manufacturing.

We support various stages of the product engineering process from concept to final documentation. With enhanced product performance, timely delivery and cost effective services, we offer our customers the flexibility to increase productivity.

Our services

• Product Engineering of:

o Material Handling equipments
o Mobile Equipments
o Base frames
o Rotating and dynamically loaded structures

• Modularisation
• Design of tools and lifting devices for Production facilities
• Computer Aided Engineering (Analysis/Simulations)
• Detail Engineering (detailed 3D CAD design & manufacturing drawings)
• Information management of processes and methods
• Technical documentation and e-learning materials


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Product design and documentation for the manufacturing industry

Did you know we can assist you with both product design and documentation?







Arto Rajanen
Head of Product Engineering
Email: arto.rajanen(at)
Phone: +358 40 7504 455

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