Within the vehicles sector, our service offering consists of solutions and consultant services for railway-vehicle owners, operators and manufacturers – from pre study of project, through design and engineering, to after sales support, including project and information management.

Our vehicles competence centres are located in Germany (Kassel and Henningsdorf) and Finland (Oulu). The local presence – global resourcing way of working however enables us to choose resources from different countries from a cost efficiency or a project execution point of view.

Our services

Our services include special consulting, concept design, engineering, testing, development and project management. We also provide analysis, simulations, technical purchasing services as well as technical documentation.

For passengers 
The passenger coaches and trams designed by us have been developed to cope in difficult conditions and to simultaneously give a high class comfort to the passengers.

We also have long experience of design and engineering work for refurbishing and modernizing projects for different rail vehicles.

For cargo
Citec has developed over 30 different freight wagon types in co-operation with several customers. The wagons have been designed to endure demanding conditions especially in the Nordic Countries and Russia.


Our experience extends to projects involving passenger coaches, trams, commuter trains, freight wagons, road vehicles and special vehicles required for industry.


Over the years we have gained valuable experience of working with constructions facing extreme weather conditions. Excessive heat or cold put the physical limits of the construction materials to the test, requiring special design competences. Constructions need to be able to withstand all loads without malfunctions. Our solid know-how in this field is widely recognized by our customers. We are certified according to EN 15085-2 CL4 “design of welding assemblies in rail vehicles”.











Christian Henssler
Managing Director, TGB GmbH and Citec Engineering & Information GmbH
Email: christian.henssler(at)
Phone: +49  (0)561 / 93 567 18

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Voitto Riihiaho
Manager, Manufacturing Industry Engineering
Email: voitto.riihiaho(at)
Phone: +358 40 5402 797

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