3D measurement & scanning services will be introduced as new offering within Citec’s Digital Solutions. 3D scanning is the process of collecting data from the surface of a physical object which accurately describes the shape in terms of three-dimensional space. Once collected, this data allows technicians, mechanics and engineers the ability to examine an object digitally, which enhances and maximizes the precision and speed of their work. By obtaining the shape of the part digitally, the scan data can be used to either replicate the part (reverse-engineering), or for dimensional analysis (inspection).


Citec offers a full-service approach – from measurement to final recommendations – using only the best available measurement and design tools. We will perform on-site measurements with 3D laser scanning technology. Scans are then visualized with 3D CAD models to improve the accuracy of our analysis and make the measurements easier to interpret. 3D Measurement and scanning services can accurately diagnose any dimensional issues or 3D shape acquisition requirement you may have with your installation or equipment. In addition, we process and analyze the collected data and can also provide practical recommendations and new designs for installations.

“I am happy for the new addition to our service offering. There is a very good potential of integrating 3D measurement & scanning services with other digital solutions in our portfolio – such as 3DEncore. New services are crucial for our competitiveness in the fast-evolving digitalisation of industries”, says Jaakko Rintala, Vice President, Technical Documentation & Digital Solutions, Citec.


“There is an untapped potential with all kinds of existing installations that should be digitalized. The 3D measurement & scanning services will therefore be targeted to a broad variety of customers”, says Miika Söderström, Senior Expert, Citec.


For more information, please contact Jaakko Rintala or Miika Söderström.