Carbon capture and storage enables sensible means of reducing greenhouse gases and is seen as a critical climate change mitigation tool that provides significant emissions reductions for energy intensive sectors.

Time is unfortunately not on our side. The CCS project pipeline mirrors climate ambition, growing steadily since the 2015 Paris Agreement was made, and we really need to act now to ensure that the emission targets are met.

“CCS is growing rapidly. From feasibility to FEED, Citec wants to support the decarbonisation of hard-to-abate industries such as waste to energy, cement- and steel industries. Citec has been actively involved in carbon capture and storage since 2016 and we have obtained valuable experience and a strong track record in a number of projects. For example in the Oslo Klemetsrud carbon capture project in Norway, Citec is a proud engineering partner at the forefront of CCS development, helping the city  of Oslo to meet their very ambitious climate targets”, says Johan Fagerlund, Director, Sustainable Solutions, Citec.

Carbon capture is not new as a technology, but its implementation for CO2 emission reduction is. Citec can support your organisation to look for alternatives to reduce your CO2 footprint, by evaluating concepts and preparing feasibility studies to support your investment decisions. Citec can act with your best interest in mind as Owners Engineers and ensure in case of post-combustion capture technology optimised integration with your existing plant.

We work within all project phases (Feasibility, Concept, FEED, Detail) and can perform multi-discipline engineering tasks such as Process, Layout, Automation, Safety and Project Management.

Citec is a strong partner in your CCS project – you can rely on us.

Read more about CCS at Citec here.

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