Citec Group Oy Ab has acquired TGB (Technisches Gemeinschaftsbüro GmbH) from Siemens AG. TGB is a leading engineering company within rail vehicle and aircraft interior engineering, and also provides supporting standardization services for the German Railway Standardization Committee (“FSF”). The company operates in three business segments: Standardization, Aircraft Interior and Rail Vehicle. TGB is headquartered in Kassel, Germany, and employs 80 people. TGB was founded in 1922 and its annual revenue is approximately 7 million euro.

Currently, about 40 employees within TGB provide technical engineering for Siemens’ rail vehicles business. For instance, TGB experts are actively involved in engineering projects concerning mechanical components for locomotives, trams, mass transit and high-speed trains. The company is certified according to the ISO 9001 quality management system.

“I am happy to see this agreement come true as it substantially strengthens Citec’s presence and capacity in Germany. TGB brings in strong experience from long standing rail engineering expertise enabling us to serve also other customers, in addition to Siemens. We will use TGB’s current engineering capabilities in other engineering businesses”, says Martin Strand, CEO of Citec.

“We see a perfect fit in the business setup for Citec and TGB. Our aim was to find a responsible new owner in the course of the alignment of our engineering capacities. I am convinced that Citec will successfully continue developing TGB’s business operations in Kassel”, says Dr. Jürgen Wilder, CEO of Business Unit High Speed and Commuter Trains, Siemens AG.

TGB is strengthening Citec’s ongoing activities in Germany and will play an important role in the future buildup of Citec’s operations for the energy, process and manufacturing industry in Germany. Dr. Dirk Kämmerer will continue as the CEO of TGB.

“We are excited to join a large and fast-growing engineering and information management company. New development opportunities in growth segments such as the energy industry are highly interesting to us, and we are thus eager to reinforce Citec’s position on the German engineering market”, says Dr. Dirk Kämmerer, CEO of TGB.


For more information, please contact:

Martin Strand, CEO, Citec Oy Ab

Phone: +358 40 5714463



Uta Apel, Communications, Infrastructure & Cities Sector, Siemens AG

Phone: +49 (89) 63631809



Dr. Dirk Kämmerer, CEO, TGB

Phone: +49 (173) 2155 442