Aalborg Engineering A/S, a leading designer and supplier of customized steam boiler systems, has signed an agreement with Citec Engineering Oy Ab. The assignment includes multi-discipline engineering services formulating the framework to different kinds of co-operation forms between Citec Engineering and Aalborg Engineering.

Aalborg Engineering’s target markets are located in Europe and in Middle East. Citec Engineering has already started several projects with Aalborg Engineering. Currently, the assignment covers engineering for two projects.

The current projects with Citec Engineering are taking place in Finland, Sweden and India.

Aalborg Engineering A/S was founded in 2000 and it is owned by Intrade Group, which is a Danish industrial group, and by Steam Team 04, which is an investment company owned by a group of Aalborg Engineering’s employees.


For more information, please contact:


Fredrik Lindén, Project Manager, Citec Engineering Oy Ab

Mobile: +358 50 4283 863

Email: fredrik.linden@citec.com


Michael Smirnoff, Director, Communications, Citec

Mobile: +358 50 464 0656

Email: michael.smirnoff@citec.com