Citec has recently started working on a biomass project in Novillars, in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region in eastern France. Citec’s customer Eiffage Construction has received the civil scope of the project from end customer Akuo.

When running, the cogeneration plant will have a capacity of 20 MWe and a thermal output of 23.5 MWth. The plant is built on the Gemdoubs paper mill site and will provide the mill with steam for its paper production.


Eiffage Construction contracted Citec as consultant for part of the project as Citec has the necessary civil and process experience from similar biomass projects. Citec and Eiffage have also cooperated previously.

Eiffage’s scope includes all earthwork (below zero level), concrete foundations and buildings, except for the turbine and boiler building.

Citec is involved in the complete civil scope by verifying that the engineering complies with the specifications and requirements and follows up on site. The scope also includes design of roads and underground networks to distribute electricity and water in the buildings and to collect rain and waste water.

Citec’s part of the project started in November 2016 and is estimated to conclude by end of 2017. The Citec team is led by Project Manager Jonas Sirkiä.

For more information about Citec’s plant capabilities, please contact:

Jonas Nylund
Business Development Manager, Global
Phone: +358 50 4283 774