Citec is experiencing a continuous and solid demand on the market for its Technical Documentation & Digital Solutions services. During the autumn and winter, our target is therefore to hire 20 new talents for exciting jobs as Technical Documentation Specialists, Document Controllers/Documentation Engineers, Lifecycle Management experts, Master Data Engineers and Application Specialists.

The positions are located at Citec offices in Finland; in Vaasa, Turku, Espoo, Tampere, Oulu or Pietarsaari. Location is negotiable.

We are looking for persons already having experience in technical documentation and digital solutions field with the above-mentioned tasks, but we are also interested in receiving applications from We are looking for new talents to join our global family persons who are taking their first steps in this area.

Curious to know more? We met with Jaakko Rintala, Vice President, Technical Documentation & Digital Solutions, for a chat about the competence need, the market and what Citec can offer.

Jaakko, why is the new competence needed to your teams?

Simply put, we need more great employees to serve our customers to high standards as the demand for our services continue to grow. Thus, we need more people for capacity management reasons, which is very positive of course.

What kind of competences and persons are we looking for?

We are looking for experts, but also junior experience is welcome. For expert roles the basic requirement is that your technical understanding is on a high level, whereas in roles in for instance document control we are looking for persons that are proactive,  possess a skill of keeping several things progressing smoothly simultaneously and are systematic. In the field of robotics, we are looking for experts being able to transform the practical business requirements and work tasks to automated solutions.

How is the market for technical documentation services?

As we see it, it is growing. We are 170 persons now and the service portfolio keeps expanding steadily. There is a high demand of developing and sharpening corporations’ technical documentation solutions. Why? Well, there are a couple of reasons for that – firstly, the requirements on technical documentation are constantly increasing. Corporations need to meet the complexity, compliance and legal requirements. Therefore, many need expertise advice and flexible resourcing to master the mandatory requirements

Secondly, more and more companies analyse what is their core and what is not. So, this is where we enter with special competence and flexibility.

Thirdly, corporations want to offer a great customer experience for their customers and see that technical documentation is necessary – or even a great opportunity – to serve customers end to end with their product or solution experience.

The trend of premium quality is also clear, this is especially seen in the consumer business. Our outmost role is to provide added value to our customers’ end customers and support our customers in improving their business.

What types of projects are we currently involved in?

Our teams and individuals work with various types of customers and projects. We work with very large and smaller projects ranging from power plant documentation to exciting new premium boating products.

Thus, we work both with b2b and b2c projects. My view is that we will be more involved in technical documentation projects for the consumer business, as well as in robotics in large engineering projects in the future.

We’ve recruited approximately 30 newcomers to your unit earlier this year. Have they landed well?

Absolutely! I must say that it is a pure pleasure and joy to welcome all and see how well they have been integrated, despite the Covid-19 situation, which has limited the physical meetings to a minimum. A big thanks also go to our line managers, who have done a great job.

The new team members have contributed a lot to the company and our customers already. All are well sorted with project work, and we have a lot of proactiveness and development ideas flourishing in the company. Exactly as it should be in an expert organization!

So, why would You apply to Citec?

Citec is perceived as a friendly workplace where true independency is given, without forgetting coaching and support when needed. We offer you possibilities to challenge yourself, and competence development within our fields of expertise. You get to work with great colleagues, enjoy a truly international working atmosphere and collaborate with Citec’s world-class customers.

Do you feel that we could make perfect fit for each other? Please apply on our career site.