Citec Information India has passed the ISO 9001 certification audit and the auditors will recommend that India will be granted the certificate.

Mr Nanjappa, the lead auditor from DNV India stated that: “Is very seldom that a company passes the first certification audit with not even minor nonconformities and so few observations.”

“The auditing proved that with the global quality framework that Citec has consistently been developing over the past years, extending the certificate to the new locations is a manageable and rather straight-forward process. The keen interest and active participation of staff in India also played a major role in successful certification”, says Olli Kytökari, Managing Director of Citec Information India.

Citec Information Finland passed the recertification audit and will be granted the certificate also for the next 3-year period.

“Considering that the focus of the audit was global cooperation, it is noteworthy that DNV Finland rated our global operation to be on a very advanced level: 4 in a scale of 1 to 5”, says Sirpa Ihalainen, Quality Manager of Citec Information. “This coupled with Indian audit result should prove to be an asset for sales and marketing, when presenting us as a reliable and efficient service provider in international markets”, Sirpa concludes.