The Best Summer Job in Finland: Energy Ambassador

Citec is taking part in a joint recruitment campaign for Energy Industry companies in the Vaasa region. A project headed by the Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK.

VASEK has together with 11 energy technology companies in the region announced Finland’s best summer job position. The energy ambassador’s job consists of getting to know the Vaasa region and its top energy technology companies by working one week for each company and to share the experiences mainly in the social media. For the three-month job, the ambassador will earn 30,000 euro plus a number of benefits including four-star accommodation, car, occupational health care, banking and investment services and daily consumer goods, arranged and sponsored by all campaign partners.

Annika Wallin, Manager for Global HR Processes at Citec Group says that “This is a great opportunity for Citec to get attention among job seekers in Finland. During the coming five years we will grow with about 1000 employees globally, and therefore we need to attract skilled professionals. We want to show that Citec can offer industry experts challenging global projects”.

“Vaasa region is the Nordic leader in energy technology and it has the best employment situation in all of Finland as well as all elements needed for a happy life. Not everybody knows about this and that is why we need an energy ambassador”, says Suvi Markko, the Vaasa region’s Communications Manager at VASEK.

A number of top companies and organizations in the region participate in the campaign with the common goal of bringing the region and its energy technology cluster the attention it deserves.

Besides Citec the ambassador’s employers will be ABB, Wärtsilä, Vaasa Energy Institute, Mervento, Wapice, VAMP, VNT Management, Vaasan Sähkö, Leinolat Group, Stormossen and VASEK.

About Citec

Citec provides multi-discipline engineering, information management and consulting services for the Energy & Power and other technology-dependent industries. We secure our customers’ success with high performance, expertise and passion. The number of employees currently amounts to about 1000 and the turnover for 2011 was approximately EUR 60 million. Citec is headquartered in Vaasa, Finland, and has offices in Finland, Sweden, Norway, UK, France, Germany, Russia and India.