Ocean Hyway Cluster (OHC) is Norway’s leading network for maritime hydrogen, and Citec is now a member along with around 50 other companies involved in the hydrogen industry from various angles; shipbuilding, manufacturing, machinery, metallurgical, R&D, safety, financing, education, coast bases and – as for Citec – Engineering & Technical documentation.

OHC operates within a broad national and international network and works closely with the industry to exploit the commercial opportunities of new hydrogen technology solutions. Sharing knowledge about markets, players and technology will give cluster participants new insights, and the collaboration across sectors and businesses will break down barriers and stimulate innovation.

We have worked with Hydrogen in both maritime and land-based sectors since 2018. We are happy to be an official part of Ocean Hyway Cluster, because it is a great opportunity for networking and competence development, and we hope to further strengthen our collaboration with partners through the network.

Espen Berg, Managing Director, Citec Norway.

Read more about OHC here (www.oceanhywaycluster.no) and find out what bananas have to do with merging hydrogen technology!