The Energy Ambassador 2013 has been chosen, and his name is Pentti Itkonen. The purpose of the Energy Ambassador campaign is to increase knowledge about the energy cluster in Vaasa both nationally in Finland and globally about the energy and cleantech companies in Finland.

As the Energy Ambassador, Pentti Itkonen works for leading companies within the energy industry. All these companies have offices in Vaasa, Finland and export their products and solutions all over the world.

This year, these companies offer the Energy Ambassador an unforgettable experience to travel to ten different countries and learn about their innovations, approaches to and ways of working with global energy solutions.  Pentti’s journey has started and will last for two months.

Citec participates in the campaign and provides one of the  destinations for Pentti Itkonen’s travels around the globe. Pentti will be visiting Citec in India. We are very happy and looking forward to be welcoming him to our Mumbai office in October!

The Energy Ambassador will keep the audience updated on his adventures around the globe using a blog, video blog and social media. To fully succeed at this, he has a professional video photographer as his travel companion. On the top of the ambassador’s agenda is to find out how the companies’ solutions effect people’s lives and the environment globally and in different countries.

The first Energy Ambassador video was released on August 27th.  The video is in Finnish, with English subtitles also available. You can find it here.

You can follow the Energy Ambassador’s journey here:

– the Energy Ambassador’s blog

– Facebook

– Twitter

– YouTube