Citec has been awarded to perform a feasibility study regarding Carbon Capture and Storage. The customer is EGE Energigjenvinningsetaten, a Waste-to-Energy Agency and plant owner, located in Oslo, Norway. The study is a cross-borders cooperation between Citec’s experts in Finland and Norway, and the team also includes a Professor and PhD graduate from the Åbo Akademi University in Turku, Finland.

Citec will carry out a feasibility study with underlying four technology studies, in order to verify the access and function of industrial technology for the use of carbon capture from a waste to energy power plant, interim storage and transportation. The purpose of the feasibility study is to establish at least one possible and feasible alternative/concept for the continuation of the concept/FEED phase. The purpose is also to provide knowledge and expertise that will form the basis for input to the main target, i.e. the realization and operation. Additionally, the study will demonstrate energy balances and costs in order to ensure a financially efficient operation of carbon capture, with production of CO2 negative energy.

Citec is managing, leading and steering the project and the sub-studies (see picture below, sub-studies are nr 2…5). The feasibility study is split into four sub-studies that will concentrate on the optional technologies for CCS.

The highly advanced study shall be ready in June 2016.