Citec and Wärtsilä has signed a new collaboration agreement regarding Wärtsilä’s Smart Technology Hub.

Wärtsilä, global leader in smart technologies and complete lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets, is building a new integrated centre of research, product development and production in Vaskiluoto, close to the centre of Vaasa, Finland. The Smart Technology Hub will implement both visions of Smart Marine Ecosystem and a 100% renewable energy future by linking different marine and energy business lines including lifecycle to maximise customer value proposition. The main idea is to combine R&D and Production into one place. Wärtsilä’s partners are welcome to the Smart Partner Campus, which provides a platform to develop the cooperation when working in the same facilities and global ecosystem.

Citec won a substantial order in November 2018 and is now intensively involved in the process and piping design for the Smart Technology Hub. In total, there has been more than 50 engineering experts involved in the project from Citec’s side, from Finland, India as well as from Sweden.

The new agreement recognises Citec as a technology partner of the Smart Technology Hub to Wärtsilä and enables a deepened collaboration between the companies. Citec may use the Smart Technology Hub as a reference site for the parts of the engineering that Citec has been accountable for during the engineering and construction phase. Citec can bring its own customers to the Hub to showcase Citec’s capabilities regarding piping design, process engineering and digital solutions. Citec will also test its digital twin solutions (3DEncore) by using the Hub as testing and reference site. Furthermore, Wärtsilä can use the 3DEncore solution to market its lifecycle possibilities for potential customers on a global level.

“For Citec it is an honour to be a partner to Wärtsilä in their large investment in Vaasa and enhance our cooperation even more through the new agreement. Our mission is to make this project successful in terms of all quality expectations”

Nichlas Råtts, Vice President, Citec.

The Smart Technology Hub is expected to start its operation by the end of 2021.

For more information, kindly contact:

Nichlas Råtts

Vice President, Global Account

Mobile: +358 50 3415256