The Norwegian Government has stated that it will invest on a broad front to develop cost-effective technology for carbon capture and storage (CCS) and seek to construct at least one full-scale carbon capture demonstration plant by 2020. Three industrial areas were selected for Carbon Capture feasibility studies completed in Q2 this year. Norcem (cement), Yara (fertilizing) and Klemetsrudanlegget (Waste-to-Energy). In addition, transport and storage is studied.

Citec was appointed by the city of Oslo / Klemetsrudanlegget AS in the previous phase to prepare the feasibility study, which was delivered June, 2016. In this feasibility study, Citec was responsible for preparing the report, quality control, consolidation and summary of the technology providers sub-studies as well as concept development of integration between capture plant and an existing Waste-to-Energy plant. Furthermore, Citec’s task was to analyse and ensure that the individual studies are comparable, and that the relevant interfaces with the existing plant are maintained in an most appropriate and efficient manner.

In preparation for the next Concept & FEED (Front End Engineering and Design) phase and the full-scale development, Klemetsrudanlegget AS, has selected Citec for providing a number of key project management and engineering services.  Citec will provide the Project Manager, The HSE Manager, the Manager responsible for Carbon Capture technology, Owner’s Engineer services, and the complete engineering scope of integration and modification of existing plant. The team is a mix of resources from Norwegian, Finnish and Indian organisations and is an excellent example of Citec’s ability of providing high-end competence across the whole organisation.  The planned start of the Concept & FEED phase is set for March 2017, some services will however be initiated already this year.

A pre-requisite for the award is that the Government will fund this next development stage and that Klemetsrudanlegget is selected as one of the capture sites that will be included in the next phase. The Norwegian Government’s state budget is planned to be released on October 6, and it is expected that the CCS development is clarified by then.

“Citec is very grateful of the level of trust that Klemetsrudanlegget AS has put in us and Citec is already now preparing for this next phase”, says Nils-Erik Hannisdal, Managing Director, Citec Norway.