Citec and VAMP Oy, a Schneider-Electric owned company, signed a 3-year frame agreement on 17 April 2018. VAMP Oy will exclusively buy Technical Documentation services from Citec for a minimum of three years. After the first three years, the agreement can be extended one year at a time.

“VAMP Oy chose Citec for their ability to provide a centralised solution by providing highly valuable technical writing and platform technology for content management. This enables both efficiency and flexibility for VAMP Oy in the area of technical documentation for our medium voltage product portfolio”, says Ron Back, Managing Director at Vamp Oy.

Niclas Öster, Director for Information Services at Citec, comments: “As part of the Schneider-Electric group, VAMP Oy is known for being a professional company with high standards. At Citec we are very excited about this frame agreement, and we look forward to meeting these standards and further proving our expertise and technical skills”.

For more information, please contact:

Niclas Öster
Director, Information Services
Mobile: +358 40 836 55 94