Citec has signed a contract for the delivery of a tall oil plant concept to Södra Cell’s unit in Tofte, Norway. The agreement is for an EPC contract consisting of both engineering and commissioning at site.

Södra Cell is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of paper pulp for the open market. The company is starting up production of tall oil at the new tall oil production plant in Tofte, Norway. The production facility will have a yearly capacity of 25 000 tones.

Crude tall oil is a spin-off from the production of pulp, a natural and renewable raw material. It is biologically degradable and consists of fatty acid (30-35%), resin (20-25%) and pitch (35%). Refined tall oil is used for example as fuel, in paint and as raw material in flavoring and cosmetics.

“This is a breakthrough for our tall oil solution, Citec is offering a unique tall oil solution unmatched by competitors on the market” says Hans Paulsson, Industry Area Director Process and Manufacturing at Citec.

Citec’s tall oil production plant was first developed in 2007. Behind the successful concept was a goal to build a modern plant with the roots in an efficient and proven technique of producing tall oil. The result was an easy operating modern plant based on a cutting edge technique for producing tall oil.

For more information, please contact:

Hans Paulsson, Director, Industry Area Process Industry & Manufacturing, Citec Group Oy Ab

Phone: +46 54 57 84 34



Michael Smirnoff, Director, Marketing & Communications, Citec Group Oy Ab

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