A new product family has been created to describe the offering in Citec’s content production: CitecDoc. The CitecDoc product family enables modern ways of delivering product information and technical documentation. CitecDoc consists of three different services: CitecDoc Mini, CitecDoc Midi and CitecDoc Maxi, depending on the customer’s need.

The product family is targeted for customers who are either starting their documentation function or considering a move from linear to modular documentation and do not yet have any content management systems in use. CitecDoc Mini and Maxi include a LwDITA or DITA-based component content management system. CitecDox Maxi consists of a tailor-made component content management system (CCMS) compliant with the DITA standard. All CitecDoc services also feature a review portal for smooth collaboration.

Interested in creating your product in modular, user-friendly way and having a well-structured and easily managed documentation? Want to find out how reuse and translation support capabilities speed up the pace at which your products enter the market?

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