Ms. Tatjana Sadyrina has been appointed Global Director Business Development, Oil & Gas, Citec Group as of December 1, 2015.  Tatjana Sadyrina comes from Ramboll, where she has been Director, Business Development Onshore & LNG Global.

She has 20+ years of global experience from Strategic Business Development, Sales & Marketing. Tatjana Sadyrina is located in Citec’s Norway office in Asker.

In this position, she will work with a global focus with business development, sales and sales support for our companies expanding in this line of business.

Here is what Tatjana Sadyrina has to say about Citec’s Oil & Gas business and the outlook for the industry:

Are you looking at Citec’s Oil & Gas business with a new vision? What are the areas the company would be focusing on in the coming years?

Citec’s Oil & Gas business is growing and has great potential especially during the challenging period in the Oil & Gas industry. Given the correct strategic approach we will be able to compete for projects which previously would have been “off the list” for us. Our size, ability to utilise resources from other Citec industry areas for the Oil & Gas projects,  mobilize and manage larger teams, EPCM experience and our customer approach, make us more flexible and increase our ability to create more efficient solutions for our customers both in terms of cost and time.

What strengths do you find within Citec’s Oil & Gas presence and how do you intend to utilize those?

Citec Oil & Gas is well positioned towards the key and target customers. It gives an excellent platform for globalisation of key accounts and harmonisation of our approach to get more output in terms of probability and incoming jobs for key clients both in the countries of our presence and globally. I see first and foremost a lot of potential in the synergy between Citec Norway, Citec France and Citec India.

What is your view on the outlook for the global Oil & Gas industry? What opportunities do you foresee for Citec?

The Oil & Gas industry is going through very challenging times. The current reality is that the global oil markets remain oversupplied while many OPEC and non-OPEC countries keep working to increase their oil output.  There is no doubt that the low price oil environment will be here to stay. The Oil & Gas industry in 2016 will continue to experience the negative effects of the current low oil prices, with less intensity however as the whole industry will gradually start adapting. Challenging times often bring forth the necessity for consolidation, and we will therefore see more mergers, acquisitions and strategic partnerships.  But the industry will go on and the key projects will continue. We see investment and development activity in the Caspian region, the Middle East and Africa related to gas fields, LNG projects and related infrastructure.

There will be more intense and hard competition for the existing projects.  There will be stricter demands on quality and efficiency. Flexibility, cost efficiency in execution, ability to build an adequate flat organisation with short decision lines and balanced resources will be essential. I believe that this will be easier for Citec than for a larger competitor. Challenging times may be a time of opportunities for Citec; the prerequisites are already there, we just have to recognise and utilise them. But not only this, we will need to think outside the box and find a new approach, offer our customers a new set of services to increase our chances to enter the project at an earlier stage and stay in projects longer.

I see our opportunities in the green field developments offshore Caspian Sea, in optimisation tasks for  the projects in the North Sea, LNG projects in Russia and Middle East, establishing ourselves in the role of engineering consultants supporting the operators in early stages of their project evaluation and planning.