CEO Johan Westermarck and Espen Berg, Managing Director, Citec Norway, visited Fortum Oslo Varme’s Klemetsrud waste-to-energy facility in Oslo, Norway. This was a great opportunity for Johan and Espen to meet the Fortum management and have a tour of the carbon capture pilot unit at Klemetsrud. The test pilot is a 1:300 scaled complete CO2 capture facility installed at the Klemetstud WtE facility. Since 2016, Citec is heavily involved in the Carbon Capture and Storage study executed at the Klemetsrud facility. Citec has been responsible for integration engineering, HSEQ and Risk management, and CO2 capture technology towards the selected contractor, Technip FMC.

As part of this study a pilot plant was designed to validate the CO2 capture capture technology with respect to actual flue gas experienced at Klemetsrud. The pilot plant is operated by Citec engineers.

From left: Suthan Vivekananthan, Johan Westermarck, Claus Mevik, Stig Larsen, Trond Svendsen.

The Norwegian Government has initiated a full-scale carbon capture and storage (CCS) project in Norway. There are two capture projects that are part of the pre-engineering project: the Heidelberg Norcem cement factory in Telemark and the Fortum Oslo Varme waste-to-energy plant in Oslo. Both facilities plan to capture around 400,000 tons of CO2. This amount is equivalent to removing 60,000 cars from the road for a year!

The CO2 will be transported by ship from the capture plant to an onshore facility on Norway’s west coast for temporary storage. The CO2 will then be transported via a pipeline to a subsea reservoir in the North Sea for storage. The storage concept study will be completed during the course of 2019. Once these studies are completed for all stages of the CCS chain, the basis for an investment decision will be in place.