For the success of Citec, it is fundamental to do sound decisions as a business partner, supplier, customer and as an employer at all times. At Citec Group, and in its group companies, we adhere to the applicable laws, Citec policies and values for Impact, Excellence and Respect, the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact for human rights, labour, environmental responsibility and anti-corruption, as well as internationally acceptable ethical standards and business practices. This constitutes all together Citec Code of Conduct, which forms the framework for all our operations and sets out standards of behaviour.

Human Rights and Personal Interests

All employees should have proper working conditions for the health and safety and employee well-being is important to us. We do not have any grey market labour. We all respect each other’s freedom of thought, opinion, religion and assembly peacefully. We do not tolerate any discrimination or harassment based on race, nationality, gender, age or any other reason and we treat everybody equally. We carry our social responsibility. However, we do not make any political or religious contributions.

All Citec employees are expected to act for the best interest of Citec, safeguard the Citec brand and our company reputation. We avoid conflict of interests from Citec or Citec customers’ point of views, e.g. by not engaging into competing business activities. We pay attention to close friendships and relative relationships in business context, e.g. supervising or hiring close relatives as direct sub-ordinates is not allowed. In case of potential conflict of interest, these are expected to be raised up proactively, and each case is assessed case by case.

Corruption, anti-bribery and fair competition

We do not tolerate corruption or bribery in any form. We do not give, or accept, any gifts or respective, which could impair the objective business decision making (neither e.g. in form of charity or sponsorship).

We never engage into activities which are against competition laws, e.g. price fixing, market sharing with a competitor or make agreements that have the effect of restricting or distorting competition. If participating into trade associations, we pay careful attention that we discuss only the topics which are legitimate.
We follow relevant legislation to prevent any kind of financial crimes concerning, for example, trade compliance, money laundering, fraud or tax evasion.

Data protection

We never disclose any business secrets to anyone who is not entitled to that information. We handle any business information, whether in paper, electronic or oral format, with care, e.g. we do not leave confidential papers on the desk, do not leave our computers or mobile devices unlocked and do not discuss confidential issues in public areas. We also remember that some of our customers are publicly listed companies, and in case we get some insider information, we use it only in a manner allowed by applicable laws.

Similarly, we respect the privacy of our colleagues, customers, stakeholders and their representatives by complying the relevant laws and other requirements on personal data protection.

We use and utilize technology ethically and with responsibility, including social media.

Environment and Assets

We comply with relevant environmental laws and regulations. We act to minimize our impact to environment.
We respect our and others’ assets, such as office equipment, mobile devices and vehicles. We never accept, e.g. thefts, intentional damaging or misuse of assets.

Compliance is for all

All Citec employees (employee in this document always means also external employees as well as every Citec executive and director), are expected to follow Citec Code of Conduct. All Citec managers are expected to lead by example, and support and supervise the team to follow Citec Code of Conduct. In case of violation of laws or Citec Code of Conduct, disciplinary actions are taken, including an option to terminate the employment.

We expect equivalent Code of Conduct from our partners, suppliers and customers, and we evaluate our business partner’s compliance according to Citec code of conduct.

We communicate openly. Everyone has a duty to speak up if they perceive any violation of laws or Citec Code of Conduct, and contact one’s manager, any GMT member or Citec’s legal department. Citec is committed to protect whistle-blowers in accordance with applicable laws.