This year’s Energy Ambassador, Pentti Itkonen, is visiting Citec in India this week. He arrived at the Chartrapti Shivaji airport in Mumbai on October 12th and this week he will experience  Incredible India  with his Citec hosts.

We selected India of all the locations Citec has on offer for the Energy Ambassador’s visit. This was a natural choice, as Citec started up operations in India almost 10 years ago and currently employs almost 400 in India, with offices in Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. This makes India the second largest Citec company in terms of amount of employees.

Citec was founded by two students in 1984, and has since grown into employing approximately 1100 experts globally today. Citec currently leads the Finnish export statistics for technology consulting firms (SKOL, The Finnish Association of Consulting Firms, 2012). The competition for cost-efficient engineering services is fierce and therefore active presence in India is a prerequisite for our continued growth.

Further, as we work in global teams, we wanted Itkonen to experience a project where experts from many countries work together to come up with the best solutions to the customer’s needs. Thus, Itkonen will become specifically more acquainted with one of our Waste-to-Energy plant projects. In this project, the project management is in Finland, and the majority of the design work is done in India. In this project, our customer is from Switzerland and the plant is built in the UK.

One of the highlights of Itkonen’s visit was on October 16th, when Mr. Alexander Stubb, Finland’s Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade meets Citec’s senior management and the Energy Ambassador in Mumbai.

In addition to his exposure to Citec as a global company and our energy business in India, the Energy Ambassador will get insight into also other aspects of India, to name a few: he will be eating genuine Indian food at the home of an Indian family, do power yoga at the office and visit an Indian orphanage.