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Citec 3DEncore

Citec 3DEncore offers a digital interactive interface providing access to project stakeholders and making related documentation easy to find.

Help your audience understand your system!

At the beginning of a sales process, it might be difficult for your potential customer to grasp the big picture. Wouldn’t it be great if you could grant them access to a 3D model where they can”walk around” themselves – and at the same time have the possibility to dig into details whenever needed by clicking various components and thereby opening relevant documentation?

This – and a lot more – is possible with Citec 3DEncore.



Check out this video about Citec 3DEncore – a digital twin platform which allows you to view your plant wherever and whenever!

Up-to-date 3D views for any user group you want

Citec 3DEncore is not only handy during the sales process, it’s a fantastic tool throughout the project life cycle. You can keep all project stakeholders up-to-date by using the flexibility of Citec 3DEncore. The possibilities are endless.

  • Sales
  • Engineering
  • Installation
  • Procurement
  • After sales
  • Maintenance
  • Training
  • Project Management

Web-based and easy to use

The solution is easily accessed in a web browser such as for example Chrome, so no need for program installation or extra license cost. The file size is optimised and cache enables preloading which makes the content easy to access anywhere, also on site.

The optimised interface makes the user experience enjoyable on most mobile devices, such as IPad pro/Surface Pro.


The users get a real feeling for your plant or system as they can move around with 3D navigation.

The user can hide or lock specific objects, select objects via structure tree or clicks and can also search objects via text strings.

Integrate external systems' content

By clicking an object, the user gets easy access to up-to-date data:

  • Spare parts
  • Technical documentation
    • Inspection documents
    • Drawings
    • Instructions P&I diagrams
  • IoT
  • Usability/Process data, ETC

Basic solution

  • Conversion process (3D Design Software – Navis – 3D Encore)
  • 3D Model via web access
  • Filterings, groupings, metadata
  • Measurement functionality (Distance between multiple points, xyz distance difference)
  • X/Y/Z clipping planes
  • Selection from tree structure or using mouse
  • Hide selected objects
  • Hide/transparency with adjustable opacity (3D Model)
  • 3D point clouds from laser scanner or similar
  • 3D bubble view with panoramic images
  • Offline usage (excl. point clouds)

Additional features

  • VR/AR use cases
  • External Content (Interfaces)
  • Project level and training doc, selection level doc when selecting some object
  • Dynamic Link to external content system (for an example sdl/info share, Comos)
  • RFID linking & traceability
  • Specific Views: Pipe Spools, process systems, etc.

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Managing Director
Citec Finland
Phone: +358 40 593 6989