Citec 3D measurement & scanning

View your plant whenever and wherever with Citec 3D Encore’s scanning & measurement feature.

Visit your plant digitally

Thanks to the laser scanning conducted at the site, designers can visit the plant digitally for the retrofit design.

3D scanning & measurement provides all basic measurements as well as the possibility to see the design next to the actual site.

Added value with Reverse Engineering

  • Scan vs. design – compare real ‘as built’ data against 3D design data
  • View precise 360-degree panorama photos taken during the scanning process (bubble view)
  • Compare many projects one on the other (ship series, copy projects etc.)

Full-service approach

We offer a full-service approach – from measurement to final recommendations – using only the best available measurement and design tools.

  • On-site measurements with 3D laser scanning technology.
  • 3D CAD model visualisation to improve accuracy of the analysis and to facilitate the interpretation of the measurements.


  • 3D Measurement and scanning services can accurately diagnose any dimensional issues or 3D shape acquisition requirement you may have with your installation or equipment.
  • We process and analyse the collected data and can also provide practical recommendations and new designs for installations.



Check out this video about Citec 3DEncore – a digital twin platform which allows you to view your plant wherever and whenever!

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