As your EPCM contractor, we manage the project as your main representative – from feasibility studies through total
project management to commissioning on site and beyond. Freeing time for you to focus on your core business.

Free up your resources with Citec EPCM

Citec EPCM gives you the freedom to choose your degree of involvement in the project  – without loosing the possibility to control.

As a power plant owner, investor or EPC supplier, you will benefit from having one responsible EPCM provider instead of several contracts and suppliers to manage. A full-scope EPCM project at Citec includes multi-discipline services ranging from feasibility studies, total project management to commissioning on site. In short, as the EPCM contractor, we manage the project as your main representative.

We also offer engineering design services even though they are not always part of an EPCM project delivery.

Engineering management services

When it comes to Engineering management, we offer you clash-free engineering saving you time and money

  • EM for all disciplines: process, mech, electr, automation and civil design and all other parties involved (multiple companies, multiple languages and cultures)
  • Scope definitions, i.e. preparation of drawings and technical specifications for the basic and detailed engineering
  • Management of the quality, progress (timeline) and performance of engineering activities for all disciplines
  • Managing the cooperation/co-ordination between disciplines
  • Managing sub-suppliers
  • Management of the content of engineering documents, including the technical aspect and the project’s scope and budgets
  • Technical analysis of bids, recommendations, verification of supplier and contractor documents
  • Project control: Preparation of cost and progress reports, including updates to the budget, commitments and forecasts until the project’s final delivery, including the management of all changes and amendments
  • Quality assurance: Development and implementation of the project’s quality assurance plan and organisation, Perform audits according to quality system
  • As-built services
  • Manuals

Procurement services

In the Procurement phase, we act as Owners’ Agent preparing RFP´s, analysing and evaluating offers according to the agreed procurement strategy. Our procurement services include:

  • Preparation of procurement plan
  • Preparation of purchase (RFP preparation)
  • Sending RFP´s
  • Technical analysis of bids, recommendations, verification of supplier and contractor documents
  • Advise in optimizing the procurement
  • Procurement scheduling and progress follow-up
  • Material tracking throughout the project (using CitecDot)
  • At-site inspection of project materials and equipment
  • Warranty issues

Construction management services

We act as the Owners’ representative on the site, with Construction management services including:

  • Construction cost planning and control
  • Site supervision, safety and management of the activities
  • Construction scheduling and progress follow-up
  • Engineering support at the site, including the technical supervision of work performed
  • Change order management and control

We develop constructive and harmonious labour relations with union representatives and unionized employees.

Citec project management

Our IPMA® (International Project Management Association) or PMP® (PMI,
Project Management Institute) certified project managers ensure high quality in complex projects where time, cost, schedule and scope need to be managed in a controlled and efficient way.

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Contact information

Simon Fröjdö
Director, Plant Engineering Sales
Citec Group
Phone: +358 50 3181 054