Pipeline engineering services

Onshore pipelines

With a multidisciplinary holistic approach and backed by more than 10 years of experience, our pipeline engineering team can deliver services ranging from feasibility studies to site support.

Our Expertise

Pipelines are a key mode of fluid product transportation across the world due to their economic and safety advantages. We have delivered services at various stages and for various systems of onshore pipeline projects including pipeline design, pump station, scrapper launching station, metering station and compressor station design. We provide full range of multidisciplinary engineering services from conceptual studies to detailed design and further extending to site assistance. We can undertake pipeline engineering projects for Oil, Natural Gas, Water and other applications including grassroots installations, expansions and revamps.

We design for safety

Knowledge in legal requirements, local safety standards and specific safety regulations are areas where true expertise is required. Our customers benefit from synergies derived from our diverse experience and solid competence. Our goal is to consistently produce high quality output, with sound engineering practices, and ensure adherence to local standards, procedures, codes, and applicable laws and regulations.

Pipeline design services


Our team can evaluate the design and feasibility of an onshore pipeline performing activities such as route selection, technical feasibility as well as environmental impact assessment. Our scope in the feasibility study includes: • Routes characterisation • Engineering analysis. • Pipelines hydraulic simulation and sizing


Citec offers FEED services for pipelines to ensure the constructability of the pipeline taking into consideration various factors like environmentally protected areas and pipeline safety.


Long distance oil and gas pipelines have high chances of danger to O&M personnel, making HAZOP (Hazard and Operability) analysis a critical part of Pipeline Design. The HAZOP analysis of deviations, consequences and control measures make the operation safer and increase the life of a pipeline system. Citec’s expertise in HAZOP can help to identify and analyse the hazards and risks associated with your pipeline; identify opportunities for risk reduction, and make suitable recommendations.

Conceptual Design

We undertake all Conceptual design activities for pipelines including Hydraulic Study, Concept Description Report, Outline Project Schedule, Corrosion report etc.

Material Selection

The material of a pipe is a critical factor in preventing failures during the life of a pipeline. Selection of the right material requires profound knowledge of materials and their properties. Our experienced engineers provide reliable material recommendations considering various factors like operative flexibility, cost, availability and, above all, the performance of the material for the required service, application and environment.

Surge Analysis

Pressure surge is a critical problem that can cause severe damage to pipelines. A series of measures are required to ease the pressure surge and protect the pipeline from damage. Our pipeline experts analyse your pipeline system for pressure surges that could result from various possible events and provide recommendations to mitigate the same.

Hydraulic calculations

Hydraulic calculation aims simultaneous determination of pump pressure and diameter of the pipe. Determining the head is further required for positioning and sizing of pumping stations, and to calculate and overcome hydraulic resistance of the pipe. Pipelines face critical operational problems for which they need better performance predicting. Citec's pipeline design services help our customers indentify operational constraints on their pipeline hydraulic network to ensure an efficent Pipeline system.

Cathodic protection

Citec offers design and consultancy services for Cathodic protection systems to prevent corrosion and degradation of your proposed pipeline, thus reducing maintanence costs and increasing the pipeline life. The cathodic protection systems need a high quality design adhering to numerous standards, guidelines and recommendations. With experience from a number of pipeline projects, Citec's experts can design Cathodic protection systems that deliver optimum performance at site.

Alignment Sheet

Alignment sheets or drawings graphically show the exact route and location of the pipeline and associated facilities and all the knowledge that exists for a pipeline when it is being designed. Hence they are a vital set of documents for maintenance, recovery etc. Our high level of expertise and understanding of what our clients expect enable us to offer you unmatched flexibility, quality and accuracy.

Stress Analysis

Long distance oil and gas pipelines are exposed to complex environments. Terrain restrictions and maintenance negligence can trigger the chances and magnitude of accidents. In order to reduce such safety hazards, it is necessary to carry out stress analysis of the oil and gas pipelines. Citec has strong expertise and experience within Pipe Stress Analysis & Component Calculation. With advanced tools and indepth knowledge, Citec's experts can help you avoid operational failures, increasing pipeline life and reducing maintenance costs.

Detail Engineering

We provide detail engineering services across all disciplines for a pipeline, including Piping, Electrical and Instrumentation, Civil and Structural engineering. We ensure smooth and efficient delivery of all engineering deliverables understanding your project's critical path. Further our commitment to quality and approach of constructability ensures error free project execution. Our value engineering practices save cost and time. Our detail engineering services include 3D Design, Specifications and data sheets, manufacturing and assembly drawings, Material requisitions.

Site support

Along with pipeline design we also offer construction management services for pipeline projects. To offer uninterrupted support, we maintain local presence with help of our global offices and flexible operational models. Our project teams include experienced professionals capable of monitoring site activities to ensure that construction is progressing according to planned design, schedules and budgets. Our site supervisors ensure that the construction activities meet quality standards and comply with statutory and regulatory requirements.

Complete multidiscipline engineering for ALCO (Arabian Light Crude Oil) and HFO Fuel pipelines

Citec delivered complete multi-discipline engineering services for ALCO and HFO fuel pipelines connecting the Yanbu crude oil terminal to Yanbu 2 power plant in Saudi Arabia. The scope consisted of design of process, piping, electrical instrumentation and fire fighting systems including complete DBSP (Design Basis Scoping Paper), FEED and detail engineering design review for ALCO and HFO pipeline and associated facilities within project works.

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