Product engineering

With efficient processes, advanced tools and the right expertise, Citec’s product design services can help you get your products to market faster.

Value for your investment

Product design accounts for only 5% of a product’s total cost, however, it dictates about 70% of the products total accounted manufacturing cost.

At Citec, we work on adding the highest possible value into your product, in terms of functionality, aesthetics, ergonomics, and sustainability.

As your engineering partner, we integrate value engineering strategies across the entire value chain, optimising your product’s design, from functionality to assembly, controlling costs and enhancing value for development, production and supply chains.

We succeed with our customers

We are engineering partners to leading manufacturers like Wartsila, Cargotec, Transtech, ABB etc. Our  experience from these businesses have helped us develop innovative top class services. From designing production tools to vehicles we have offered comprehensive product engineering services to diverse product ranges. Citec aims to be your extended engineering arm / R&D centre allowing you to fully focus on your core business.

Design to Cost

We implement the Design-To-Cost (DTC) principal in our product engineering services, cost being one of the most important aspects of product design.
Our product designers and engineers know how to design cost-effective products in terms of engineering and production but same time considering the other aspects of DTC - Material, Manufacturing, Labor, Shipment & Logistics, Procurement, Serviceability, Side-Products, Quantities and Finance.

Let's choose the operating model that fits you the best

Product engineering services generally require local co-ordination at your premises. Our co-location model with project/engineering management in our local offices increases the efficiency in design and fast response time.  Our international presence and global resourcing strategy helps us choose the right resources to fit your need.  Further our expertise across the entire product development cycle helps us deliver the most client-specific service at all times. You can efficiently utilise our expertise at any stage of your project lifecycle.

Industry and Product Sectors

Rail Vehicles

From pre-study of the project, through design and engineering, to after sales support, for railway-vehicle owners to operators and manufacturers, we support the entire value chain.

Material Handling Equipment

With expert domain knowledge and deep engineering experience, we offer innovative and high quality engineering services for a range of material handling equipment.

Off Highway Vehicles

Expertise and proficiency in CAE, CAD and Optimization together with vehicle integration and automation capabilities, make Citec your ideal engineering partner for Off highway vehicle projects.


We can step into any phase of your vehicle development process to help transform your concept into reality with competitive product design solutions that reduce your time to market.


We offer engineering design support for deck equipments of merchant ships & offshore vessels.

Lifting and production tools

We deliver customized lifting accessory and production tools design and documentation that fulfil all the necessary requirements for your products.


By modularising and conceptualising your product families, we can help you decrease project time & cost. Increasing safety and quality at the same time.

Power generation equipment

We offer design support for a range of Power generation equipment and components.

Tools for success

We plan and deliver services with efficiency and latest tools on the market. Securing your total project costs is essential to us. Hence we constantly develop our tools and processes to fulfil our customer’s expectations and needs.

At Citec we use and develop different design tools (2D, 3D & Simulation) including CATIA, NX, AutoCad, Pro/E, ANSYS, Inventor, SOLIDWORKS, Motion View, Hyperworks, Wildfire, 3DS Max etc and PLM tools like Team Centre and Wind Chill.

We provide services through all and at any stage of your product development life cycle:

Product definition

Our teams understands our customer’s needs and opportunities in terms of business strategy. We translate our Customers' needs into technical requirements that can be worked upon by the engineering team. We follow the ideal approach which involves defining requirements up front followed by customer evaluation and feedback of prototypes to improve the requirements and design.

Concept and styling

At Citec, we bring your ideas to life with our concept design services. We begin with understanding our customer's requirements, transforming them to engineering requirements to come up with concepts which further take form of a viable design and then a working prototype and finally manufacturing deliverables. ur conceptual design services have a three dimensional approach considering aesthetics, functionality and manufacturability. We ensure that full design intent is captured right at this stage of development.

Packaging and Modularity

Modularity in product design is gaining much importance due to growing complexity of modern technology. Citec provides solutions with modularity and packaging concepts enabling reduction in cost, and flexibility in design of products. We can design products with modular components with a high degree of independence and seamless interfacing among them allowing reusability and substitution of modules in a given product family.

3D Modeling

Citec’s competence in 3D CAD serves to understand the product better & perform analysis in an efficient way. Our engineers with their expert knowledge in various CAE/CAD tools like Catia, Creo/ProE, Autodesk Inventor, Solid Works etc. generate 3D model objects which ensure quality and accuracy for production. 3D models also provide the ability to visualize complex technical elements that are difficult to conceive in a two dimensional layout. Further benefits include design flexibility since changes can easily be incorporated into the 3D model.

Detail engineering

At Citec, we house a team of detail engineering experts and advanced tools to offer you high quality deliverables enabling ease of manufacturing. We seamlessly integrate design solutions with existing product development cycles through flexible engagement models, and steer the organization towards reaching their manufacturing goals on time. Our engineering team provides key design solutions through digital CAD drafting and modelling. We design for manufacturability which leads to cost control, schedule deadlines being met, reduced lifecycle costs, and a plethora of other benefits.

Engineering Analysis

Engineering Analysis is at the core of our capabilities. Supported by state-of-the-art software tools and the best in class computing infrastructure, we can take up individual modeling & analysis projects at the component level to the entire system. Citec provides high quality meshing services for both Finite Element analyses and Fluid Dynamic simulations including Structural, Fatigue & fracture analysis, Thermal analysis, Geometric, material non-linearity analysis.

Jigs and Fixtures

Citec provides solution for Jigs & Fixtures that enable rapid manufacturing with increased accuracy and reduction of cost, also improving safety at work. Jigs also enable interchangeability in the manufacturing of products and repeatability of the process.


The success of a product depends on thorough and detailed testing making it a critical component of product design. Our team has been involved at all stages of product testing including Test Planning, Test Management, Test Execution, Test Reporting, Defect Reporting, User Acceptance Testing Support, Documentation and Release Management.

Production support

Citec provides production support by deploying experienced engineering talent, coupled with knowledge of latest engineering technology to provide innovative solutions in shorter cycle times and within budget.

Project management & integrated services

In today’s Internet economy, one must have easy access to information and services. Citec uses project data management tool to provide greater flexibility in managing your work flows and increased efficiency in project planning, time and expense entry.

Product safety

We provide consultancy services for product certifications intended to facilitate the strategic positioning of your products on the European markets. We specialise in CE Marking compliance for machinery.

Product animation and documentation

We can leverage your existing 3D CAD data to create dynamic technical documentation for your products with advantages of reduced cost and shorter development time. We provide 3D animations, simulations of product application, product manufacturing and assembly process animations, operational videos, sales & marketing animation videos, spare part and O&M Manuals as well as training videos.


Engineering Analysis

We help you deliver a perfect product! Consistently working with customers across the globe, our team of engineers and analysts works on advanced analysis tools to help you develop a product design that is flawless. Our expertise includes :

  • Strength analysis (static, fatigue)
  • Stability analysis (buckling)
  • Dynamic analysis (vibration, impact, crash)
  • Thermal analysis (temperature distribution)
  • CFD – Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • MBD – Multi-body Dynamics (Motion study analysis)

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Electrical and Automation

Electrical engineering services at Citec are intended to help you design the best in class product. Our services also help you keep your systems efficient, reliable, safe, and up-to-date. Our electrical engineering services ensure complete adherence to industry standards.

Our offerings include:

  • Electrical Design & Integration
  • Automation
  • Validation
  • Software Development


Product lifecycle management

Our PLM expertise helps manufacturers in optimizing product development processes and consequently reducing the time-to-market for the product. From the very early stages of product lifecycle, we aid our customers in streamlining their design data and processes to develop complex products within efficient delivery schedules and reduce costs through improved control over the processes.

Wiring harness design

Wiring harness is one the most essential parts of the vehicle industry. A wiring harness is an organized set of wires, terminals and connectors that run throughout the entire vehicle and transmit information and electric power, thereby playing a critical role in “connecting” a variety of components. Power and information travel through this network much like the circulatory and central nervous systems of the human body. It conducts electricity for all electrical loads on a vehicle.

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