EPCM consultants

Lifting and production tools

We deliver customized lifting accessory and production tools design and documentation that fulfil all the necessary requirements for your products.

Efficiency and safety in production

With more than 25 years of experience of tool engineering  and more than 100 projects/year,  our team specializes in production and lifting tools engineering and machinery safety consulting. Citec designs complete processes in-house from start to finish, which is why we can make projects proceed as easily as possible for the customer. Citec develops production tooling from the concept to final planning and the documents required, according to the customer’s needs.

When necessary, we also perform the preliminary analysis of manufacture, such as inviting tenders for the manufacturing processes. Citec observes standards and keeps up-to-date on changes in government regulations on behalf of customers.

Our Expertise

  • Knowledge of standards and regulations, CE-marking and machinery safety consultation
  • Calculation services
  • Welding and material consultation
  • Cost effective mechanical engineering & structure design
  • Tailored and customer specific tool engineering
  • Technical modular documentation

Product range

We have offered engineering design services for a range of tools including:

  • Lifting accessories
  • Productions tools
  • Hydraulic bolt tensioners
  • Assembly tools
  • Service tools
  • Manufacturing accessories
  • Transportation accessories (On land and sea)
  • Pneumatic tools

Heavy-duty production devices for ABB

Citec designed heavy-duty production devices for the ABB Azipod® propulsion systems, weighing 70 tonnes and 5 metres long.

“Of course, there are some challenges with every project. The true indicator, however, is the way they react. Citec always did a perfect job.”

Juha Korhonen, Business Unit Manager at ABB.

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Mika Karjalainen
Head, Product Engineering
Citec Finland
Phone: +358 50 381 3412