Product design services for Marine


We offer engineering design support for deck equipments of merchant ships & offshore vessels.

With profound expertise in product design, we offer engineering design support for deck equipment of merchant ships & offshore vessels. Our experience includes Hatch covers, Life boat Davits, Lashing bridges, Lashing Systems, RORO Ramps, Offshore load handling Cranes, Deck Cranes, A Frames, all types of load handling winches, chain stoppers etc

Our services include Concept design, Structural analysis, Electrical & hydraulics with detailed drawing creation.

Work examples


We have worked on the strength analysis of Quarter Ramps for torsional + bogie axle load for scope including design modifications, recommendations and structural design report.

Hatch covers:

We have completed more than 100 projects for design of ‘Lift Away Type Hatch Covers’. We have also worked on a few projects for ‘Side Rolling Type Hatch Covers’. Scope includes design and detail engineering.

Lashing Bridges:

We have designed Lashing Bridges, Working Platforms, Deck Stanchions and Deck Cell Guide for various ship yards.

Life boat Davit:

We have worked on Concept design, Structural analysis, hydraulics and detailed drawing creation for Life boat Davits.