Strategic partnership

Partnering with us means clarity in costs and responsibilities along with thorough follow up on metrics – letting you focus on your core business.

We're building lasting relationships

We have developed, tested and fine tuned a partnership concept built on transparency, openness and trust.

Starting with a common strategy and goals, as our partner, you can enjoy the benefits of this concept.

  • Clear division of responsibilities managed through steering and operational group
  • Global operational model that truly works
  • Complete engineering and technical documentation service portfolio
  • State-of-the art technology and tools
  • Efficient follow-up through metrics


Measurable results during more than 15 years of successful partnership business

We have long-term, operational strategic partnerships with several large-scale global companies such as Wärtsilä, Linde, Alstom, ABB, Cargotec, Siemens, Neste Jacobs and Jacobsen Elektro.

Key results consist of:

  • on-time delivery  from 75% to > 90%
  • 24% decrease in engineering cost of customer’s total revenue
  • 40% decrease in documentation costs


Interested in a strategic partnership with Citec? For more information, contact:

Sakari Koivuniemi
Managing Director
Citec Finland
Phone: +358 40 593 6989