Do your information management strategies support your business goals? We can help you find out.

The right technical documentation can increase your business efficiency

We can help you improve your business efficiency by ensuring that your technical documentation is produced most efficiently.

To do this, our information management experts analyse the entire technical  information process, from gathering the first fragments of information to final delivery of the completed documents. We make recommendations in which we focus on efficient production and information management, modularity and reusability, and consistency of language and terminology.

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Our team creates the instructions needed based on your input, industry standards and best practices. We have the expertise to design and create documentation for the users’ information needs.

Information designers and technical writers plan and write information so that it can be created once and used for many purposes. Visual designers create technical illustrations to support the text and to suit each particular publication type and delivery channel. Translation coordinators handle the translation process together with our international network of translation professionals.

The information reaches your audience – wherever they are, on any device.

Is your product family modular? If so, your documentation should be modular too.

If the individual products in your product family share a lot of common features, they are modular. Taking modular documentation into use will save you a great deal of time and money.

A new product family has been created to describe the offering in Citec’s content management: CitecDoc. The CitecDoc product family enables modern ways of delivering product information and technical documentation.

Technological excellence

In order for us to be one step ahead we continuously develop our competence within the newest design tools on the market. We partner up with brightest stars to be able to offer you the best technological solutions.

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Information Architecture

Citec's information architects help you define an information management strategy that sets clear targets for how information should be created, managed and delivered. Information architecture typically includes remodelling the information content structures and rethinking the information creation principles.

Information Design

Our team of information designers plan and organise information in such a way that is easy for the user to find, understand and use. A great information design ensures that the user can use the product efficiently.

Tools & Solutions

In order for us to be one step ahead we continuously develop our competence within the newest design tools on the market. We also develop different applications and solutions to fulfil your expectations and needs.

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