Let us visualise your project to help you convey the core message to stakeholders more effectively.

Animations for every project phase

Citec has created 3D animations for more than 20 years. We have an efficient pipeline to deliver photo-realistic end results from various source materials, to suit any needs you might have.

Did you know that animations are an effective way to present information on any stage of your product lifecycle? Convincing share-holders or authorities might be easier with animations. Marketing your product during development phase is more effective with animations. Animations are also useful to showcase installation procedures, operation instructions, maintenance procedures or spare-part replacement procedures.

High-quality end result

Our experts can convert any existing material, design drawings, CAD design models or even photographs to be utilised in the animation. We are also able to quickly model the missing elements from scratch to create a harmonised model required by the script.

We utilise cloud rendering power to minimise production time on large-scale or ultra-high-definition productions.

Either voice-overs, overlay notifications or visual elements can be added to enhance the message of the animation, in any language. The same animation can be localised to be used for several markets with one cost.

Take a virtual tour of Europe’s most powerful electric vehicle charging hub through Citec’s new animation

Europe’s most powerful electric vehicle (EV) charging hub – and the UK’s largest – is coming to Oxford, as part of Energy Superhub Oxford.  Developed by Pivot Power, part of EDF Renewables, in partnership with Oxford City Council, the site will be home to 38 fast to ultra-rapid chargers. It’s the first of up to 40 similar sites Pivot Power has planned across the UK, to help decarbonise transport and accelerate a net zero future.

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