Tell me about your best project ever at Citec?

I have been involved in many good projects, but if I have to choose one, I’d say it was an oil and gas project in Finland in 2016. I was the Project Manager and involved basically in the full process from sales phase until the end result; an As Built plant.

Why was it the best project you have ever been involved in?

Because it was the first project where I was involved in all stages of a project and first project as Project Manager. It was interesting to have a larger overview of the whole process.

What is your role today at Citec and why do you like to work here?

For the last 5 years I have worked as Chief Design Engineer in our Civil department. I like the challenges that come with a new project in an international market. Different countries require different approaches. There are many kinds of projects, some are really demanding, so you don’t get bored.

What do you personally try to do in customer projects? Do you have some own “signature” dimension that you like to bring forward in challenging projects?

I try to keep it simple, the end solution I mean. The end result needs to work, of course, but also be cost effective so that it covers different areas for example one platform can serve many purposes. The project might look challenging and complicated in the beginning and I try to make the end result look incredibly simple. I feel I have made a good job when you can’t see the challenges from the end result.

What is the best thing with being an expert at Citec?

Definitely the interaction you get with the team. The ability to push the project forward together. I like to be able to give advice to the team and to contribute to a better working environment for the team to do their work.

Does your work at Citec matter to society to some extent? In what way?

The projects we have designed require e.g. exporting of products from, so I think export business matters on a local and national level. On a global level I feel that our work makes the difference when factories, hospitals or people’s homes get electricity from the power plants we are engineering.

How do you think about sustainability in your project work?

Our end products should work for the coming 20 or so years as promised. Also, to make simple solutions for the maintenance of the plant, is important. We try to minimise the impact to environment i.e. groundwater contamination or spills.