What is your role today at Citec and why do you like to work here?

Today I work as Senior Design Engineer, Civil, Building Design. I am based in Vaasa, but my work is global. In practice I am involved in architectural design. I’ve also been working on the layout side previously, as well as in sales and operative projects.

Why I like to work at Citec is thanks to the fact that the teamwork works in practice – it’s just brilliant. I think my team is great – we help each other whenever there is tough technical challenge to overcome, there is always someone to ask if you need advice or a second opinion. We complement each other and our way of working is open and transparent – we strive for success as a team.

Tell me about your best project ever at Citec? And why was it the best project?

For 13 years, I have done many exciting and challenging projects. If I would pick one favourite, it would be a large oil & gas project in Argentina. My part of the project was conducted already two years ago, but it ended recently. The end result and customer feedback were great. Simply put, I think the project team was super with many very experienced engineers coming together as one with the customer through a fully open dialogue and no boundaries in between.

Is there a special Heidi “signature” that you like to bring forward in challenging projects?

Yes, there is. As most engineers, my highest priority is of course the basic one; superior quality in time. Something I always like to do is to initiate great project communication practices from the start, in my opinion this is one essential factor for driving projects successfully towards completion. I emphasise an open dialogue and like to be pro-active by involving people in the thought process – not only in the beginning but throughout the design phases.

What is the best thing with being an expert at Citec?

At Citec, you get to work with many different technical tasks and challenges, so the variance is one great thing in my opinion. And the atmosphere! On a broader scale, it is also very positive to, by taking part in our customers’ energy evolution, being able to assist in driving the industry towards sustainability targets.