Tell me about your best project ever at Citec?

The most interesting project I have taken part in was the heat energy storage project at a power plant in Vaasa, Finland. Heat energy is stored in water-filled underground caverns. The system of caverns is 210,000 m3 in size and located 30 metres below ground, the caverns have previously been filled with oil, but now with water. The heat storage facility will balance out production peaks in district heating and allow a more flexible use of the power plant.

Why was it the best project you have ever been involved in?

It was a complex and unique project. The project team that was involved was very skilled and I got to learn a lot from my colleagues. Process engineering is my field of expertise, but in this project with this tight project team I had a good opportunity to learn more about the other disciplines such as electrical, automation and mechanical design. The project was located in my home town Vaasa, which felt special.

What is your role today at Citec and why do you like to work here?

I work as a Chief Design Engineer within Process Engineering, which means that I do design and design management within process engineering in different projects for different customers. I like to work at Citec because the atmosphere within the team is always good and welcoming. There are continuously new things to learn and you get to develop yourself.

What do you personally try to do in customer projects? Do you have some own “signature” dimension that you like to bring forward in challenging projects?

First and foremost, I do my best to fulfil the requirements, that the customer has, in an optimal way. Also, I want to understand how things work, and why they are done the way they are, and then further improve. Curiosity might lead to new innovations.

What is the best thing with being an expert at Citec?

I have had good opportunities to be involved in different kind of projects. Each project has taught me something new, and I have the feeling that I develop professionally, yet enjoying the good team spirit together with the colleagues at the same time.

Does your work at Citec matter to society to some extent? In what way?

It depends on what kind of projects I’m assigned to, but for example the project I mentioned in the start helps to run the power plant more optimally and reduce emissions. Projects where sustainability is in focus with new clever solutions are interesting and rewarding.