Tell me about your best project ever at Citec?  

I think that the best project I have been involved in, is the one that I work in at the moment. It is a power plant product development project for our big customer. Together we design and develop totally new cost effective and fast deployable but still flexible power plant solution.

We have done few similar projects in the past, but in this one we are taking the productisation to the next level.

Why was it the best project you have been involved in? 

Usually I do product design but now I have the possibility to be a part of the development phase as well. I like the fact that I can innovate new ways of working.

What is your role today at Citec and why do you like to work here? 

I am Senior Design Engineer in plant engineering team in product engineering. Usually I am involved in the design phase of engine parts in power plant projects. I am responsible for defining the design scopes for our Design Engineers according to the customers’ needs. I coordinate the work in our end for the customers and make sure we deliver the work on time and with good quality.

I like the variety in by job, besides 3D modelling and product design I take care also of technical support and consulting in the projects.

What do you personally try to do in customer projects? Do you have some own “signature” dimension that you like to bring forward in challenging projects? 

I would say that it is good if your own ”signature” is not visible in the design. All the designers have of course their own way of doing things but at the team level the quality needs to be consistent. I always try to make sure that all the counterparts in a project are satisfied with the end result. It is important to deliver the right quality at the right time.  

What is the best thing with being an expert at Citec?

Flexibility, definitely! The possibility to work remotely is a huge advantage. I have worked for a year now from over 200 kilometres from our office in Vaasa and everything has been smooth.

I also appreciate the solid knowledge and support that we have in my team. We have experts from different fields, so I can always ask for advice and support. We also work in various fields so if you need a change, there is a possibility to develop your skills and even change work tasks inside the company.

Does your work at Citec matter to society to some extent? In what way?

I would like to think that our work matters in the big picture even if I don’t see the concrete results outside the factory. We are involved in power plant projects around the world so in a way I am a part in making electricity available in some remote place on the other side of the planet.