We met with Jakob, an enthusiastic Technical Writer, who has worked at Citec for three months, to have a chat about his first months as Citecian.

Hello Jakob, you started at Citec in the middle of the pandemic and home office mode. How have you settled in?

Really well, thank you! I felt welcomed from the first day. Everyone has been so kind and helpful. Even when you are new and don’t always know what to do, everyone helps. It’s mind-blowing to always get help, when you ask for it. It feels you’re never alone with a project or anything. Here people really work towards a Jakob Svitzer, Technical Writer, Citec common goal, to execute customer projects with high quality.

What makes Citec different compared to others?

I have noticed one thing that I really value at Citec; everyone from our CEO to the trainee are at the same level. It feels that you can talk to everyone about everything. I’ve had amazing talks with my Line Manager, it’s fantastic.

Another great thing is the freedom that we have now with the home office way of working. As a parent of four kids I really appreciate it because it helps me combine and balance work and family life together. I hope that with the new hybrid way of working we can continue to have the same freedom.

How do you see your future at Citec?

I feel that at Citec there are several opportunities and interesting projects that you can be a part of. So many different customers.

For me doing one thing over and over again can be boring, but no project is the same here, it’s so interesting. I see many opportunities to learn. I like to challenge myself with continuous learning.


It’s great to have you onboard Jakob!

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