Manmeet Singh has worked in quality assurance and control for several years. For instance, he previously worked for Japanese customers in new product development projects in the automobile industry. He has studied in different countries around the world including Mechanical Engineering in India and Business Management in New Zeeland.  He also has a Master’s Degree in Industrial Management from Finland.

Hello, Manmeet, and welcome to Citec! Please tell us how you came to work in Vaasa?

Thank you! I am originally form Delhi, India which is a very big city. I first came to Vaasa to do my Master’s mainly because the University of Vaasa offered the courses that I was interested in. I like Vaasa, and Finland, because the cities are small and beautiful and the nature is always so close to the city centre. Once I graduated, I was open to work in Finland, and I was grateful to be hired by Citec in Vaasa because I knew Citec offers engineering solutions to different industries. As Project Quality Engineer at Citec I do what I have always loved to do, which is quality management.

How have your first months been?

I have enjoyed my time at Citec so far. The work ambiance is positive and professional. My manager is really supportive with cool personality and comprehensive knowledge. Even though I have broad and diverse experience, I believe in Kaizen i.e. continuous improvement by learning and delivering desired results. I feel that at Citec I have the opportunity to both learn and deliver optimal results at the same time for the Energy Business projects.

I like challenges and variation that this job has because it enables me to utilise the best of my competences in each project.

The deliverables, requirements and specifications of each project are different which gives the opportunity to be diversely thoughtful to provide results and solutions.

What is important for you in a work community and what makes Citec stand out?

I appreciate the flexibility that Citec has. I also like being part of a great team. I enjoy coming to the office and meeting people face to face. I appreciate the opportunity to learn from others and also to share knowledge at the same time. For me it is important to be able to grow in terms of responsibilities and I see potential opportunities here at Citec.


It’s great to have you onboard Manmeet!


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