Mathieu Negrerie has strong experience in nuclear related projects. He has a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering and has studied in France and in the UK. Previously Mathieu has worked in many nuclear projects in France and in Finland. He started working at Citec in August.

Hello, Mathieu, and welcome to Citec!  What interests you the most about Civil Engineering?

Thanks! I find Civil Engineering particularly interesting because I have always been interested in understanding how things are built and how they work. Civil Engineering is very wide; for example, I like how some designs can be very precise and complex but at the same time you need to remember to keep things as simple as possible to have efficient construction process. I like the very down to earth and practical aspects of this discipline.

Why did you choose Citec?

I was looking for new challenges and heard about Citec from a colleague. I did some research about the company and got interested because of Citec’s international industrial projects. And here I am now.

How has the first month at Citec been and what is your typical day like?

The atmosphere at Citec is good and the colleagues are friendly. I find the company even more international than what I expected, which is nice. I have been able to work both from the office and from home which I appreciate. At the moment I am involved in a project in Indonesia and there is a lot of coordination with our office in India and with the customer. Even though a big part of the project has already been done, we still have many small things that need to be finalised.

What do you value in a work community and how does Citec stand out?

For me openness is very important. It means that people can speak freely also about negative things and that there is transparency and honesty in daily work and communications. I feel that I have been able to freely say what I want with every person I have discussed with, regardless of seniority or job title. I also appreciate the Finnish way of being calm and collected compared to other work environments with more heated ways to discuss about things.

I really like the internationality that Citec has regarding both people and projects. I didn’t expect such great diversity and I am positively surprised by it.


Thank you Mathieu! It’s great to have you onboard!


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