Welcome to Citec Mete! Tell us about your background, please.

Thank you, it’s great being here! I have been enthusiastic about Building Information Modeling methodology since I started studying Civil Engineering in the Middle East Technical University, Turkey. I have experience from various civil engineering positions that have deepened my knowledge regarding BIM and given me a wide perspective in engineering.

What attracted you to Citec and have your expectations been met?

When I saw the job description in the ad I thought I am a tailor made person for this job. It’s not only to add value and make an impact at Citec, but also to improve and achieve my goals personally. I think the level of BIM adaption is high in Finland so my expectations are high and I look forward to working in Citec’s prestigious engineering projects around the world.

I like being a member of this company. We have a great working environment, great scope of work and talented professionals. I feel that my motivation is very high because my role is like being a solution partner with creative and innovative approach.

We have true professionals here at Citec and it’s great when people come to me with challenging questions that can be met with the help of the latest innovations in the field of BIM.

Citec is an early adopter to technological innovations and very willing of digital transition. I feel like our role is not only to meet employer’s requirements, but also setting new high standards with the help of latest innovations that we adopt and keep the pace with. As a BIM Expert, in a nutshell, I work to accomplish the digital transformation of Citec. I implement series of new methodologies. I am reviewing the current workflows that are in use and trying to expedite them in the light of BIM methodology.

What is important for you in a work community and what makes Citec stand out?

I value collaboration as well as sharing knowledge and experience. It’s important to give a hand to a colleague when needed.

The most important thing is to be able to unite for project goals as one big team.

Also truly flexible working hours and friendly and comfortable working environment are important. I feel we have all that at Citec.

I don’t feel any hierarchical boundaries at Citec. I can hike with a director and discuss about the ideal temperature for enjoying the sauna. My colleagues are, besides really qualified, which I feel lucky about, also interesting and talkative. We have had great time, as a team, in various outdoor activities, team lunches and dinner meetings so far. Also my Line Manager is very helpful, considerate and insightful.

The things that make Citec unique are our own web-based tools like CitecDot (Common Data Environment) and Citec 3D Encore (Model and Point Cloud Visualisation Tools).


It’s great to have you onboard Mete!

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