Mirza is originally from Bosnia. He studied chemical engineering in Åbo Akademi University, stayed in Närpiö, Finland and speaks fluent Swedish. Previously he worked in measurement engineering in onsite calibrations.

I’ve worked in Citec for one month now. I have to say that practically all the expectations that I had, have so far been met. Citec is a big international company but it feels like a small company. I’ve had an interesting first month and have had an opportunity to share conversations and exchange ideas with different people around the globe. Communication here is smooth and I feel I can ask anything from anyone and get an answer really fast. Everybody listens and tries to help.

I’m excited to work in the energy sector and with new technologies. These are important themes for me and also for the future. I want to become an expert in this field.

For me teamwork is the most important thing in a work community, and I think that’s what Citec is all about. Our slogan “Expertise with passion” really describes the work community perfectly. I work intensively and I like what I’m doing. It’s nice to be able to have quite many different things to do. You can work with customers or more with technical stuff. Or have a combination of both, depending on your preferences. There are many possibilities and I hope to have a long career here.

We’re happy to have Mirza onboard!

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