Our Technical Documentation teams have been reinforced with many new talents during 2021. We met with Robert Fagerlund, one of our new Technical Writers, to see how he has settled in.

Welcome Robert! How has your first month at Citec been?

Thank you, I’ve felt really welcomed. It was great to arrive on my first day when I had a desk ready with all the equipment and everything was up and running within one hour. I have spent this month getting to know the company, projects, what is expected of me and the colleagues. The introduction process has been very clear and well planned.

I think it’s important that processes are clear and there is not too much bureaucracy. This all is perfectly well at Citec. There is a lot of learning ahead for me, but I’ve had a good start.
The dialog with my superior has been excellent.

I’d say Citec is a friendly place for a new employee.

What is important for you in a work community and what makes Citec stand out?

Communication is of course very important. I think it works well at Citec. It’s easy to talk to people and a new employee is considered well. I don’t have previous experience in this field, but everyone has been really helpful. It has been great to see that English is really the company language. I can contact anyone from any Citec country, of course taking into consideration the time difference, and I get help.

Flexibility is also important. I appreciate the freedom that this new hybrid way of working gives. I will work few days a week from home and then also come to office to meet people which is important for me.

No amount of communication tools can substitute meeting people face to face.


It’s great to have you onboard Robert!

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