Torgeir Granum has worked within technical safety in major projects in the oil industry for more than 20 years. He has worked also in a shipowner company where he gained operational experience internationally, for example from Singapore, Brazil and Mexico. Torgeir has Master’s degree both in Mechanical Engineering, as well as in Technology Management.

Welcome to Citec, Torgeir! Tell us why you chose Citec at this point of your career, please.

Thank you, it is a pleasure to be here! I chose Citec because I have worked for so long only in the oil industry and I wanted to try different things. I look forward to working in Project Management here. I am also excited about the opportunities to work in different cleantech segments such as hydrogen for example. Torgeir Granum, Senior Project Manager, Norway

How have the first three months at Citec been?

I started with the home office way of working because of covid-19 so I haven’t really been at the office that much yet. Having the strong tools that we have, makes working remotely ok. But I am really waiting to get to know my colleagues and the company better – face to face. I know we work in close collaboration with other Citec countries as well and that is something I am enthusiastic about.

In these first months I have already participated in interesting and challenging projects I am looking forward to more of those.

What do you value in a work community and how does Citec stand out?

I value a work culture where people help each other.

It is important to share experiences to leverage the whole team. At Citec we have that; if someone needs support or is lacking something, colleagues are there to help.

I find that as a company we are very well driven and that the management focuses on relevant topics. Our organisation is flat, we are able to react quickly and we concentrate on deliverables. I appreciate that we constantly look for opportunities to be more effective. I would describe Citec as an agile and effective company that delivers on time.


It’s great to have you onboard Torgeir!


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