It is time to introduce and chat with Mr. Pontus Nordström, the new Head of Business Development & Sales, in Citec Sweden. Pontus Nordström joined Citec in August and is based in Karlstad, in the beautiful Värmland region. Now as the covid-19 situation is developing in the right direction, Pontus will of course also actively visit customers and employees in Stockholm, and elsewhere in Sweden. Pontus joins Citec from a position of Regional Manager of Etteplan. Prior to that he has been working as Vice President Project & Design at UMV Coating Systems AB and at Rejlers, an engineering consultancy company.

Welcome, Pontus! Why did you choose to join Citec?

Thank you! The first contact I got, was from Fredrik Nilsson, my former colleague whom I know very well. Fredrik is today Managing Director, Citec Sweden. I immediately felt that the role we discussed was a perfect fit where I could practically contribute to the set growth journey for Sweden. I want to strengthen Citec’s operations in Sweden with my experience from mechanical engineering, product engineering, electrical, instrumentation and automation services. So far, I must say that the team spirit is brilliant and I feel very welcome. I want to involve not only Karlstad, but also the Stockholm team more in the joint journey. Moreover, I saw that the international expert network of Citec was something we should utilise more as a growth driver and this is clearly something that I want to develop more in the near future.

You have a long working background from both our competitors and from the clients’ side. What fascinates you in the consultancy role?

Firstly, I think working on both sides of the border is very beneficial for you and the customers you work for. I feel it is great to learn from other industries, different customer types and sizes, and solve technical and operational challenges. Often I find it very rewarding when one, partly or fully, can apply competence and learnings from one industry to another. Learnings from the vehicle industry can provide great insights for a customer in the pulp and paper industry, and vice versa. It is the dynamical way of working that I like very much, too.

You seldom have a boring day when you are working as a consultant – I always feel that I want to give more!

What makes Citec different compared to others?

From a national perspective and a customer point of view as well, I definitely see the international setup and the great and wide service portfolio as a competitive advantage. The fact that we are strong in technical documentation is also important – this is something where we shall provide additional services to our industrial customers located in Sweden.

How do you want to bring added value to customers?

First of all, I find it very important to really get to know the customer’s need. Consequently, I and we at Citec need to dig deep – and not be satisfied with basic or superficial information. Expertise needs to shine in our competence, and we should be passionate about carving out suggestions and solutions flexibly. As a former customer, I liked it very much when a consultant is dedicated and can surprise you with insights about untapped potentials. Even sometimes to come up with new working methods.

We must be highly competent and flexibly answer the customers’ needs. This is value add as I see it.

Secondly, as an engineering consultancy with a global reach, we must be able to add value through our whole network capacity and service map.

What industries and types of projects is Sweden aiming at?

Our track-record within pulp and paper and healthcare is at a good level and that we should pursue, but we can also serve other industries in the future. These are for example the mining industry, the vehicle industry, the battery industry, the manufacturing industry and the grocery manufacturing industry. Engineering, robotics and technical documentation is needed in all of these sectors, but of course we should focus and progress step by step and grow profitably.

Thanks for the talk, Pontus!

Interested to know how Citec could assist you flexibly in your technical challenges?

Contact Pontus at +46 706398478 or drop him an e-mail:!