SKOL’s (The Finnish Association of Consulting Firms) Young Consultant 2016 competition for young professionals in the Planning and Consulting sector is coming to an end. Mikael Strand, currently Managing Director of Citec France, has been selected to the finals. The Association has a membership of 200 design, consulting engineering and architect firms, employing about 1400 people in Finland.

The purpose of the competition is to highlight the contribution of young professionals and to give recognition to the best players in the field. The competition was open for applicants under the age of 33 years. This year, a specific criteria was the focus on professionals who have succeeded in customer work, added customer satisfaction and added measurable value for customers on domestic or foreign markets.

“I feel excited to make it to the finals, and will prepare myself thoroughly for the interviews” comments Mikael Strand. “Of course, the acknowledgement as such is nice for me personally, but I am equally happy for the attention that Citec wins as an employer. We are clearly a company that provides challenging opportunities internationally – either in expert or in managerial areas, for those who strive in that direction. We are surrounded by great individuals in eleven countries and our global presence is ever so important to take advantage of also on the individual level”, says Mikael.

SKOL’s jury will choose three finalists to the final round based on the evaluations. There will be rewards given to all three finalists. The finalists will be interviewed by SKOL’s executive committee on March 23, 2016. SKOL’s executive committee will then choose the winner of the competition. The winner will be rewarded at SKOL’s event in Helsinki on April 18, 2016.

Congrats, Mikael, and best of luck in the finals!