The easy way to share and find files. “Thank you for inventing this!”

Make it easy for your personnel to share and find files!

Time-consuming tasks such as uploading and tagging often discourage people from sharing their files in the correct systems. This means that material often is spread out in different shared drives and various locations in the document management system (DMS) – making files almost impossible to find. Does this sound familiar?

A traditional data management system (DMS) only works as far as the users upload, categorise and fill in the metadata. CitecSearch is the opposite, it is a place where you drop your files with a minimum amount of input. CitecSearch does the rest for you.

“The “revolutionary” thing with this tool is not the simple user interface that requires neither manuals nor training, but actually the simple drag-and-drop uploading directly from your laptop and how it automatically downloads and tags new documents from pre-selected folders in IDM.”

Kenneth Engblom, Director, LNG Business Development, Wärtsilä Finland

Main benefits with CitecSearch

  • The server processes the files and adds relevant tags based on, for example, commonly used words and phrases or how and by who the file was created.
  • It can scan selected DMS structures and automatically import new material from these periodically.
  • It creates a range of thumbnails and video previews for use later when displaying the search results. This lets you use visual information to see which document best suits your needs without having to download them.
  • The tool is so intuitive that no training is needed.

“Truly appreciate the efforts and the smart work. It will make the life of many of us a bit simpler, not to forget that it will add time to our crunchy 24hrs!”

Rakesh Sarin, President of Wärtsilä Energy Solutions & Executive Vice President

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The easy way to share and find files. "Thank you for inventing this!"
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