By modularising and conceptualising your product families, we can help you decrease project time & cost. Increasing safety and quality at the same time.

We help you design modular concepts

Automation & testing in controlled conditions:

  • ensures high quality and safety

Standardised parts mean lower costs:

  • optimisation of material and components
  • compact and predefined sizes for transportation
  • reduction of assembly cost&time

Variants are created if and when there are technical and/or regional requirements making them necessary.


Don't forget the documentation!

Modular documentation means lower costs and higher quality:

  • Creation and translation of documentation including spare part information is kept to a minimum.
  • Standardised information is easier to keep up to date.

Citec assisted Elekta Oy with this transition. The content of the first manual created could be reused in manuals in the same information set with reuse levels  of 50 – 100% per manual.

Full case story

From basic to detail design

Basic Design:
Process diagrams & functional descriptions
3D models of modules
Manufacturing methods checked

Detail Design:
Manufacturing drawings
Dimensional drawings
Manuals, work cards, FAT reports etc


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