CitecDoc Maxi

Accurate information finds you. Wherever you are. On any device.

What is it?

CitecDoc Maxi consists of a tailor-made component content management system (CCMS) compliant with the DITA standard. The whole system is hosted and maintained by Citec – but it is dedicated to you. You have full control as you have direct access to the database and the collaborative review portal.

Why do you need it?

CitecDoc Maxi lets you create and manage well-structured documentation for larger projects or product families for the global market. The document layout matches your corporate visual identity.

Reuse and translation support capabilities speed up the pace at which your products enter the market.

Measurable results

• Documentation cost reductions up to 40%
(customer case example: cost / page 200€ → 120€)

• On-time deliveries
(customer case: 10% → 90% in six months)


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All services for Information solutions

Information Architecture

Citec's information architects help you define an information management strategy that sets clear targets for how information should be created, managed and delivered. Information architecture typically includes remodelling the information content structures and rethinking the information creation principles.

Information Design

Our team of information designers plan and organise information in such a way that is easy for the user to find, understand and use. A great information design ensures that the user can use the product efficiently.

Tools & Solutions

In order for us to be one step ahead we continuously develop our competence within the newest design tools on the market. We also develop different applications and solutions to fulfil your expectations and needs.

Contact information

Simon Fröjdö
Sales Director Region Europe, Key Accounts
Citec Group
Phone: +358 50 3181 054
Bibish Nalilakaran
Section Manager, Information Creation Services
Citec Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.
Phone: +91 9619 767 033