Tampere Tramline, to be in operation in August 2021, allows fluent and punctual transportation in the municipality of Tampere. The tram cars will be built in Finland by our customer Skoda Transtech. The low-floored trams are 100% wheelchair friendly and more than 200 passengers can travel safely on one tram. The average distance between stops is about 600 metres and the service frequency of the tram will be 7,5 minutes.

Citec’s scope of service:

  • Interior engineering, Outer covers cabin and driver’s cabin area
  • Special areas
    • Outer doors, flange lubrication, sanding system, bellows and floor between cars
    • Concept-, solution- and detail engineering
    • Making 3D models and output data for suppliers
    • Our main task was integrate systems to each other and make the assembly engineering

Citec’s team consisted of maximum eleven engineering experts – an international team from Finland, India and Germany. After the product development project, we also participated in commissioning tests in Tampere. We were chosen by Skoda Transtech thanks to our long joint cooperation mode, as well as the solid experience from similar projects, such as the Jokeri and Artic trams in Helsinki, Finland.

The project duration was between August 2018 – March 2020, i.e. a total project duration 18 months. And now, with the completed tram, we are very happy to see our customer satisfied with our engineering work – all within budget and timeline!